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President: Bill Siegel, Wellington, FL 33414, 561-798-3826, b.siegel@eaa203.com 
ice President: Chris Wernlund, 772-485-9720, chris.wernlund@gmail.com   

Treasurer: Bud Smith, Palm Bch Gdns, FL 33410 
, bud@eaa203.com

Secretary: Eric Flaig, egflaig@gmail.com
Past President: Bill Perry, Stuart, FL b.perry@eaa203.com
Young Eagles: Rick Golightly, Jupiter, FL 33478  561-747-9100
, rick@eaa203.com 
Kevin Sheely, W. Palm Beach, FL 33413  561-358-9610, kevin@eaa203.com 
Program Director: Scott Thatcher, Plm Bch Gdns, FL 33418  561-622-4327 scott@eaa203.com 
Newsletter & Website Editor: Scott Thatcher, Plm Bch Gdns, FL 33418  561-622-4327 scott@eaa203.com
Librarian: Ana Scaglione, 
Jupiter, FL 33478, joe@eaa203.com  
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Tech Counselors

Name Specialty
Bill Perry Composites and FWF
Sherman Corning All
Spencer Gould Composites and FWF
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Christmas Party 2013

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Here is a new feature of the EAA203 website.  Just watch and review the following video for complete information on specific "How To" projects.  Each month a new feature will be added here and the previous videos will be archived in the Projects link to the left. Note: If you have significant start and stop times due to a slow connection, click on "Pause" and wait a few minutes for the video to download enough information to be seen without interruption.

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Our own Rick Johnson and his Avid Magnum Roadable Aircraft.

May 26, 2011 - Rick Johnson built an Avid Magnum and mounted part of a Suzuki motorcycle to the tail. This allows the aircraft to be roadable on the ground and then slides forward on rails under the fuselage for flights.

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Low Budget Hydroforming


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Highlights of Past Meetings

Click Here to see Photo Highlights of our visit to Palm Beach Propeller

Click Here to see Photo Highlights of Bill Siegel's Homemade EFIS

Click Here to see Photos of International Airport Fire Rescue Station (PB)

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Postal address
Hangar 5, North Palm Beach County Airport, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

The EAA Hangar is located at the junction of the Beeline Highway (SR710) and PGA Blvd (SR786) go 2.6 miles NW; turn left at the airport sign, and cross the train tracks. Follow the road to the hangar, which is on the left-hand side before you get to the FBO terminal, hangar 11250-5.  


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General Information: info@EAA203.com
Webmaster: webmaster@EAA203.com

Palm Beach Propeller Visit on September 11, 2007
(Click on any photo to enlarge)
DSCN4986.JPG (193997 bytes)  DSCN4987.JPG (183685 bytes)  DSCN4988.JPG (185953 bytes)  DSCN4989.JPG (173488 bytes)  DSCN4990.JPG (175455 bytes)
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DSCN4996.JPG (155934 bytes)  DSCN4997.JPG (165617 bytes)  DSCN4998.JPG (168672 bytes)  DSCN4999.JPG (177768 bytes)  DSCN5000.JPG (158787 bytes)

We want to thank D.E. O'Neill (Mom), Mike O'Neill, Larry Harris and Jeff Hebron for providing our Chapter with an informative and interesting tour of their facilities. It's amazing to see what all needs to occur when a prop is brought in, from seemingly simple tasks such as labeling every part removed from the assembly to computerized measurements of various stations along the axis of the prop.  Approximately 30 members and guests attended this event and all went away with a much better understanding of the metallurgy, chemistry and other processes involved in returning a prop to the customer in a like-new condition.

Bill Siegel's Homemade EFIS presented on October 9, 2008
(Click on any photo to enlarge)
DSCN5045.JPG (159314 bytes) DSCN5046.JPG (159061 bytes) DSCN5047.JPG (159780 bytes)

The first two photos are of the group attending Bill's lecture and discussion on "How To Build Your Own EFIS"!  Bill Siegel not only provided information on how to build one of these great displays for your aircraft, he also brought a working model of one that he built for his plane. It included GPS, Moving Map, Flight Planning, and more... all in a Windows format.  Contact the club for more information if you want to build one of Bill's Homemade EFIS!

Palm Beach International Airport Fire Rescue Station
(Click on any photo to enlarge)
DSCN5222.JPG (155294 bytes) DSCN5223.JPG (183312 bytes) DSCN5224.JPG (171022 bytes) DSCN5228.JPG (155554 bytes) DSCN5229.JPG (163709 bytes)
DSCN5238.JPG (178111 bytes) DSCN5240.JPG (176053 bytes) DSCN5241.JPG (173126 bytes) DSCN5242.JPG (174446 bytes) DSCN5243.JPG (172472 bytes)

After reviewing many of the functions of the Fire Rescue crew at Palm Beach International, we went outside to witness how a fire is handled when the interior of an aircraft is on fire.  A nozzle with a pointed end is used to penetrate the skin of the aircraft allowing the nozzle to remain inside the aircraft. Then the flow of water and foam is sent through the hose to extinguish the flames inside the aircraft without having to actually enter the aircraft.  In addition, we got a complete tour of the facilities including many of the trucks and emergency vehicles used by this professional organization.




Send mail to webmaster@EAA203.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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Send mail to webmaster@EAA203.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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