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Zenith Aircraft 601XL Project

Here are several photos of Scott Thatcher's Zenith 601XL on its First Flight at North Palm Beach County Airport (F45) in May 2008. The pilot for this flight was John Warren. The aircraft is registered as an E-LSA and has a 100HP Corvair engine, 66" Warp Drive prop and is all metal with a bubble canopy.



The last two photos are following the structural modifications making this aircraft a 601XLB.

Here is a link to a kitplanes article from the July 2013 issue.


The following is a test flight in Andrews, NC following the tightening of aileron, rudder and elevator control cables as well as the yearly condition inspection for Zenith N601EL. Maintenance included oil change, new spark plugs and a reset of the timing for the dual points distributor on the 100HP WW Corvair.




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