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Richard Ryan's AcroSport 2

Here is a summary of what has been done to my Acrosport 2 in the last two years.

As you are all well aware, any project will have serious competition for time and space, this one is no exception. Nonetheless we have reached a milestone in the project where a report on progress is due.




Structure at the beginning of the project, 
notice very useful "rotisserie"

 Most of the work at the start of the project was to set up shop.



Tools on the ready

Fortunately, a big garage is a great help. Most of the success of a build will be impacted by how frequently you can attend to it, and having it close to you is a definite plus. Garage lighting, workbenches, tools and storage space were first. This was followed by bringing home the parts of the airplane that were acquired from the chapter that were already prebuilt, assign storage spaces and begin repair and restoration of the main fuselage structure.

The fuselage was "trimmed" of rusty formers on the sides and underside, and was sandblasted with a mild abrasive to remove 
widespread surface rust . This was followed by rust proofing with a phosphate solution.

Work on the project actually began by ordering steel sheets and
tube to manufacture parts and missing items. A major task
involved building the landing gear fittings on the fuselage to
bring the construction in line from an RV 6 type landing gear on this project back to the original as called for in the plans. Other items included the completion of the vertical stab leading edge, welding missing tubing elements, replacing wing attach points, fabricating the passenger seat, rudder cable thru tubes, seat belt attach brackets, and reconstruction of the fuselage side and bottom formers.

A lot of inspiration and guidance was also obtained from information on the Biplane forum where you can find a ton of experience and advice. I must make an important mention of all the help and enthusiasm that Glenn Vorres has input into keeping my aircraft build going. Also to Bill Perry, my tech advisor who has taken time to visit and certify my progress. 




Bill Perry and Glenn Vorres during a Tech Counselor visit

Most of the pictures are self explanatory but not wishing to burden
you with the "let me show you the 599 pictures of our last vacation" I have enclosed only the relevant few.






Dye penetrant inspection of some critical spots, this is the horizontal stab connect fitting






Building the curved gussets for the Landing Gear, the socket survived the abuse.




Not complete, but a good start.



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