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Sprint Project

Here are several photos of Joe Goldman's Sprint as he is getting closer to that day when he can make his first flight.  The photos below illustrate how far Joe has come in his quest to build this aircraft, which is similar to the Zenith 601XL.

The specs are as follows: Note that the engine used for obtaining the specs is a direct drive EA-81 Subaru, although Joe is planning to use a Corvair 100 HP in the final design.

bulletWing Span 27ft   
bulletEmpty Weight 600 lb/273 kg     
bulletSeats  2 Side by Side
bulletGross Weight 1130lb    
bulletCabin width 44 ins  
bulletStall 38 mph   
bulletLength 19ft
bullet110 mph cruise   
bulletStd Fuel 12   
bulletVne 180 mph    
bulletBest Glide Ratio 8.8:1
bulletClimb 600ft/min  
bulletMy engine: Corvair 100HP


Wings stored, tools handy and enough room to work.  What more could one ask?

There's nothing like sitting in your creation to check out how it's going to feel. 

This photo shows the fuel tank in position behind the main spar.

Note the use of push/pull tubes rather than cables. 


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